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Five Easy Questions to ask when looking for Offsite Backups

  Backups seem, at face value, very simple. You find a vendor, and they take your data offsite. But, there are a few quick questions to ask when hunting for your ideal backup partner. Is the service you are looking at a backup or synchronisation to the [...]

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7 Ways to get your IT Company to Understand You and Your Business Needs

  7 ways to get your IT company to understand you and your needs The IT industry is a complex, ever-changing beast that requires you to be on top of your game at all times. If you are not, your business can suffer incredibly. Here [...]

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HEXAGON OF SECURITY Cybercrime is "unlawful access to a computer, USB or external hard drive, the illegal interception, acquisition or possession of data, unauthorised use of login information or forgery, fraud, or online extortion." And the ultimate protection against Cybercrime is Gavotech's Magic Hexagon of Security. 🛡  [...]

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