Gavotech Guarantee – Our Promise to You!

We want to add value to you and your business because our Aim at Gavotech is to Assist, Educate and Empower.

Guarantee – When you think of a guarantee, many questions start to pop up in your mind, and we want to eliminate any lingering doubt you may have, so let’s use the word Promise.

Our Gavotech Promise to Our People is that if we miss an SLA, that month is free.
We only supply tried and tested products with trusted guarantees.
Need more – All calls will be answered by a Gavotech team member within THREE rings. Why? Because we value how important your time is and want to help.

Signing up with an SLA with Gavotech is more than just an agreement. It’s a Partnership.
We aim to instil the 4 Pillars into every relationship:
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Growth
• Family

We are people who look after Our People because we believe in this shared vision and want to help businesses grow and succeed.
The Gavotech Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes two JHB based callouts, GEM, issue resolution response times, and after-hour support.
That is what we offer, black and white.
What you get is an engineer who knows your business and understands your frustration.
Someone willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your core business runs well by leveraging technology to take a proactive approach.