Why do we do what we do at GAVOTECH?


That one thing keeps us up at GAVOTECH – ensuring we add value to our partners, “Our People”. We do not use the term customers; we believe we are in this together to assist your business to grow.

Since starting the business, our aim has been to serve our partners at the highest possible level and ensure that expectations were met and exceeded where possible.

This came naturally and is now inherent in the way we do business. However, it is only recently that we found out our true “Why”. It took the team a few in-depth sessions to search for the answers, but we knew that we needed to be really honest with ourselves to find the truth about “Why we do what we do”.

We realised that adding true value is the most significant driver in our business. For all interactions, there needs to be value-added for both parties. Going forward, we base all our decisions on this aspect. If our products and services are not adding to your business’s growth journey, we would rather walk away from the deal than supply a sub-par or incorrect solution to our partner.

Win-Win is the name of the game.

The IT game is fascinating as the competition all have their own “secret” IP, which sets them apart from the rest, yet they all have the same “We care about your business” tagline. It doesn’t mean anything if their beliefs aren’t aligned. We believe it is not the IP that makes us different but the execution, the journey we take together in this partnership.

I, Gavin Nortje, feel it is our social obligation to offer the people around us the best possible solution and ensure that it stays current and always adds value. For so long, it has been my dream to run a services business that keeps surprising our customers with the limits we push and expectations we aim to exceed with every project and interaction.

There are a few things that are non-negotiable in our organisation:

1. If you agree to a deal, you stick to the deal.
2. Honour partners businesses as you would your own.
3. Respect everyone around you.
4. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up.
5. Your integrity is something golden.

We are people who look after “Our People” because we believe in this shared vision and want to help businesses grow and succeed.