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A staggering 96% of phishing attacks arrive via email, making it clear that this common communication method remains a significant security threat for organizations. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it’s crucial to ensure your email security defenses are robust to prevent potential financial and reputational damages from phishing, spoofing, and other impersonation attacks using your company’s domain.

The Sendmarc Solution:

Sendmarc leverages DMARC to provide comprehensive protection against impersonation and spoofing attacks within 90 days. This top-tier email security provider ensures quick and seamless DMARC compliance for organizations of any size.

How Safe Is Your Domain from Impersonation? Check your score [here].

Benefits of DMARC Implementation with Sendmarc:

  • Guaranteed full protection against email impersonation and spoofing attacks within 90 days.
  • Enhanced brand recognition, trust, and reputation protection.
  • Improved deliverability of legitimate emails.
  • Additional security layer against external cyberattacks.
  • Increased visibility of senders through detailed, automated reporting.
  • Greater control, allowing domain owners to decide the fate of emails failing DMARC authentication.


Find Out How Your Domain Scores

Sendmarc’s algorithm assesses your organization’s exposure to fraudulent email activities such as impersonation, phishing, and spoofing, evaluating the risk posed by your current domain to your company’s cybersecurity.

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