The IT industry is a complex, ever-changing beast that requires you to be on top of your game at all times. If you are not, your business can suffer incredibly. Here are seven ways to ensure your IT company understands your needs and knows how best to serve them.

Ticketing and Measurement
It’s all good, and well everyone has a ticketing system, but do they use it correctly?

Make sure they have a ticketing system in place, as by where they can track the ongoing problems on your side and address them.

Have monthly reports, keep it very simple, a pie chart if possible, of what issues arose this month and where they spent the time.

“Face to Face” engagements
Insist on an onsite presence at least once a month by one of the engineers assigned to your account; having a body on site allows them to feel the pains of the business and experience your day-to-day runnings. It is highly frustrating when you need to explain the urgency over the phone because they should understand your business needs.

Account Managers
See your account manager as much as possible. I know it might feel like they are there to sell you something; on the contrary, they are there to listen. A great account manager will listen to the issue you have in the business. The outcomes of these meetings/calls will be translated and relayed to their service team.

Blatant no “BS” honesty, for all partnerships to work, both parties need to be as open and honest as possible; if something itches in the relationship or solution, the sooner it gets mentioned, the sooner it gets resolved.

There is nothing worse than dealing with IT niggles.

If pricing is a concern to you, have all possibilities laid out ahead of time. Unfortunately, surprise bills are very easy to come by in the IT game.

Keep it simple
As much as the IT game is very complex, the solutions supplied to you should be explained and set up in the simplest manner.

Yes, the more complex, the more secure, but ask yourself when is enough, enough?

Albert Einstein – “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

We offer IT consulting, where we assess your IT services and structure in place and make sure they are 100% streamlined for your growing business.