We inherently live in accordance with our vision and mission

Our Vision
We do what is RIGHT!
Our Mission
To be an IT Strategic Partner that looks after your business and its growth with honesty and integrity and by implementing sustainable solutions.

Founded in May 2012, we envisioned creating a partner-centric IT support structure that would allow partners to easily communicate with their ICT department and receive efficient service and reliable solutions, adding much value to day-to-day business support.

From day one of starting the business, the basis was to serve our partners at the highest possible level and ensure that expectations were met and exceeded.

Value is our biggest driver in the business, all interactions we have, there needs to be a sense of value for both parties. So we base all our decisions on this aspect. 

We pride ourselves on our company culture and dynamic team of IT experts who have the same passion and drive for success. We continually bring like-minded people and businesses into the fold. 

We stand by a simple yet unfailing ethos: we’re a family that uplifts and supports each other.

We are in this together to assist in the growth and development of your business.

Over the last few months, we have changed our vision from basic support to strategic planning. We aim to better assist our partners beyond IT support with proactive solutions to help systematize and automate their business.  We do due diligence to understand you business and its processes. With this, we use creative problem solving and long-term strategic planning to build customised solutions that will improve how you do business.

We focus mainly on small to medium-sized businesses run by dynamic leaders ignited by change and keep moving forward. Many of these leaders are pioneers in their industry who constantly learn and implement changes to improve their businesses. We are continually developing our skills to better support, educate and help empower our partners.

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