HEXAGON OF SECURITY   Gavotech’s Magic Hexagon of Security Cybercrime is “unlawful access to a computer, USB or external hard drive, the illegal interception, acquisition or possession of data, unauthorised use of login information or forgery, fraud, or online extortion.” And the ultimate protection against Cybercrime is Gavotech’s Magic Hexagon of Security. 🛡  ­­ – Antivirus✉️ – Email Security🔥 – Firewall☁️ – Cloud Security🔒 – 2FA/MFA🎓 – Best Practices In this article, we will

November 17, 2021


  GAVOTECH PROMISE   Gavotech Guarantee – Our Promise to You! We want to add value to you and your business because our Aim at Gavotech is to Assist, Educate and Empower. Guarantee – When you think of a guarantee, many questions start to pop up in your mind, and we want to eliminate any lingering doubt you may have, so let’s use the word Promise. Our Gavotech Promise to Our People is that if